Magnetic roulette balls: Do casinos actually use them?

You are sitting at a roulette table and you just placed your bet. The dealer throws the ball and you are waiting with excitement to see if you are going to win. Alas! You didn't for the fourth time in a row. So you start wondering if you keep losing because the ball is magnetic. Is it?

How do magnetic roulette wheels work?

Well, in the case the wheel is actually magnetic - we aren't saying that it actually is - it most likely works like so. The pockets of the wheel are magnetic, as well as the ball. But many pockets have different polarities, opposite to the ball. So when the ball drops, it will stop only in certain pockets.

This is the most popular rigged roulette trick. It is very easy to find such a wheel, you simply buy it from China. But do casinos actually use them? Do they cheat their players in order to make profits out of their bets? If you are not an experienced gambler, you will probably think that they do.

Do regular casinos use magnetic balls?

No, regular casinos do not use roulette wheels and balls with magnets. At least not the ones with a license. Legal casinos follow all the government rules and regulations. The losses to their profits and their reputation would be much bigger than the profits they would make if they cheated their players with magnetic roulette wheels.

What about unlicensed casinos?

Well, you play at your own risk in unlicensed casinos. No one can guarantee you that the tables at regular unlicensed casinos are not rigged. Not only the roulette tables but all game tables and even slots. This is why it is important to always choose legitimate casinos. You have more chances of making profits than losing your money.

Do online casinos cheat at roulette?

The same rule applies here as well. If an online casino has a license from an official organization, you have nothing to fear. You can check this out by reading the about section or the FAQ section of the online casino. There, you will also read the game providers, whose credibility you can also check.

Do they cheat if they do not have a license?

Again, you play at your own risk. Unlicensed casinos do not have an about or a FAQ section, so that should make you suspicious. No one can guarantee you that their games will not be rigged. Let alone roulette, which is a game based on luck. You risk highly being cheated and losing all your money.

Laws and regulations that protect from cheating

As aforementioned, all regular and online legitimate casinos have licenses from the government and official gambling commissions. Thus, they have formal credentials that they do not cheat their games, and in this case, do not use magnetic balls and wheels at roulette. If they do not follow these rules, they risk paying huge fines.

Regarding online casinos, it is also the software and game providers that can prove the casino's legitimacy. That is if the casino works with big providers, known in the industry, you do not have to fear rigged games and losing your money. Not even games such as roulette or baccarat, that are based on luck.

So, where can I play?

You can play unrigged roulette at all trustworthy casinos, either regular or online. But before you do that, always read the casino regulations. In each country, they differ. Therefore, you might end up in a frustrating position. So, make sure you know the rules of the country or casino you are visiting and you'll be good to go!

Roulette is a game of chance

In any case, roulette is a game of chance. It is highly likely that you lose because of that, and not because the wheel is magnetic. Keep that in mind. Do not bet money that you do not have. Gambling can be addictive. Play only within your budget, especially in games such as roulette.